Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jason Vargas Fan Club: Volume 3 (Nicknames)

Today is the day folks. Jason Vargas pitches for the Royals tonight and we here at the Jason Vargas Fan Club World Headquarters are so excited we just can't hide it. We are as overjoyed as Jason is virtually all of the time:
 (Jason does appear to crack a smile in the second image on the top, but you be the judge)

We previously took a look at Vargy and his pitching matchup here, and rather than re-hash some old stats and memories of the 2014 World Series, we thought it would be fun to instead come up with some nicknames for our beloved Vargy. Many of the other Royals players have nicknames or something the fans affectionately know them by, so why not have something for JV?! Might throw up a twitter poll to pick the best ones later tonight...

If you have any thoughts or comments, please feel free to chime in!

Possible nicknames for Jason Vargas:
  • Junior Varsity (because of his initials JV)
  • El Zurdo ("The Lefty" in Spanish since he is of Mexican American descent)
  • The Expressionless (since his facial expressions virtually never change)
  • VarGAS
  • Mr. Changeup (since that is his best pitch)
  • J-Varg
  • Vargy
  • Jason (since he is pretty boring and Jason is a boring nickname)
  • and, 69er (since he currently has 69 wins as an MLB pitcher)
What do you think? Shoot me an email or comment or a tweet (@mattfromkc) and let me know!