Monday, August 14, 2017


The Royals currently sit in third place in the AL Central, half a game behind the Twins and 5 games behind the Indians. They are also one game out of the second Wild Card with 45 games left to play. Plenty of time to make a run and forget about the awful way that August started (4-9 record to start this month – UGH).
In order to forget about the Royals’ recent slate of terrible baseball, I thought it would be fun to rank the AL Central teams in terms of Twitter followers (and also the AFC West because CHIEFS). I also included the teams’ last WS appearance and title:

AL Central:
Tigers – 1,340,000+ followers (last WS appearance: 2012; last title: 1984 – LOL)
Royals – 914,000+ followers (last WS appearance: 2015; last title: 2015)
Indians – 796,000+ followers (last WS appearance: 2016; last title: 1948 – LOL)
White Sox – 768,000+ followers (last WS appearance: 2005; last title: 2005)
Twins – 540,000+ followers (LOL) (last WS appearance: 1991; last title: 1991)

It gives me great pleasure to know that both the Twins and White Sox have more recently won a World Series than the Indians and the Tigers LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. (Oh what fun that is to know on a Monday!)

AFC West:
Broncos – 2,320,000+ followers (last SB appearance: 2015; last title: 2015)
Raiders – 1,130,000+ followers (last SB appearance: 2002; last title : 1984)
Chiefs – 924,000+ followers (last SB appearance: 1969; last title 1969 – sad face)
Chargers – 678,000+ followers (last SB appearance: 1994; last title: NEVER – LOLOLOL)

On the other hand, the Chiefs definitely need to step their game up and get to a Super Bowl. Forty-eight years without a title game appearance – YUCK. I also find it interesting that the Royals and Chiefs have similar numbers of Twitter followers. 

Here’s hoping the Royals continue their winning ways and the Chiefs have a great season!